Safety for Senior Executives Training Course


Safety for Senior Executives

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Duration: 1 day

Who should attend?

Designed to brief Directors and Corporate Policy Makers in essential health and safety issues, which affect business today.


The course objective is to enable executives to contribute to the review of policy, strategies, and where necessary, introduce changes to make their organisation operate more effectively.

Authority creates accountability and with this comes responsibility. All directors and managers have a legal responsibility for managing the health and safety within their organisation.

In the real world of work, directors and managers may be preoccupied with production and operations, leaving health and safety as a side issue. Health & safety is often taken for granted until something goes wrong.

Managing health and safety has become more critical with legislation designed to hold the individual manager or director accountable for accidents and ill health. This course will raise awareness of senior management responsibility enabling proactive and preventative measures.

This very focused course is tailored to the needs of all senior executives. There is a short test at the end and delegates will be awarded a certificate.

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